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My Gameplan for Q1 - 2024

It may be a little late, but I want to share with you my gameplan for Q1 - 2024

1. New value proposition

When I started offering web design services, I realized how broad the market and needs are. Companies from different sectors, people who want to launch an e-commerce to sell online, others who want to develop a marketplace, etc.

I have reached a point where I have to decide what my ideal type of client is, so I can focus on one thing and provide a better service. After thinking for a while and seeing the projects that have given me the best results, I was able to make a decision.

I will focus on helping high-ticket businesses drive organic traffic and leads through Web Design and SEO.


These are some reasons:

1. Quality over price:

High ticket businesses prioritise quality over price. This allows me to stop competing on price and focus on other factors. This way, I can have fewer clients and increase the quality of my work.

2. Higher margins:

Getting a lead for a high ticket business may be harder, but it is worth much more. This makes the SEO service pay for itself, as long as it generates results and sales are closed.

3. Longer sales cycles:

There is more opportunity to create value for people throughout the entire sales funnel with quality content. In these cases, SEO is a good strategy to create a constant flow of leads in the medium and long term.

4. Better relationships:

These types of clients are more committed to the investment. This creates better relationships and makes work better.

2. Focus on personal brand

When I launched my services, I did it as an agency: "UX-Pivot". My idea was that, by being an agency, it would generate more trust in potential clients. It also sounds good to say, "I have a web design agency." But all the projects that I have closed have been because of my contacts and network.

This is why I have made the decision to focus on growing my personal brand in this first quarter of 2024.

Here are some actions for this:

  • Redesign my website focusing on my personal brand.
  • Update my portfolio with case studies and designs.
  • Create weekly content on Linkedin.
  • Create valuable resources on Web Design and SEO.

3. SEO Lista Inmobiliaria Perú

For a few months, I have been working on SEO for Lista Inmobiliaria Perú. These are some results that we have achieved in the last quarter of 2023:

  • Increase total impressions on Google by 142%
  • Increase organic users by 148%

In these months, I plan to continue executing the SEO strategy to achieve even better results and publish the case study on my website.

4. Web Design Space AG

This project means a lot to me because I know the company from the inside and I will be able to work with them again, but as a service provider.

We will work on a new design to reflect the new brand identity and value proposition. It will be the first project I will do with a startup, and it is a huge opportunity to develop an impactful case study.